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The Easter Fun Fair brought to you by Checkstar and Feedy Needy.

Checkstar re-opened the Stonebridge Primary Library

Checkstar sponsored the Phoenix Sports Festival in tribute of the Legacy of Nelson Mandela

''Checkstar sponsored the Phoenix Sports Festival in tribute of the Legacy of Nelson Mandela. This event was held over the 18th & 19th of July 2015 and there were 6 different codes of sport that were held for our youth. The 'Zee stars' KT & MAYANK graced us with their presence and entertained the crowd for the special tribute to Nelson Mandela''


Checkstar hosts Children's Christmas Party 2014

Checkstar supermarket is proud to announce the success of their Christmas Party 2014, working in collaboration with the phoenix child and family welfare to co-ordinate and arrange 400 disadvantaged kids from in and around the phoenix area. The Christmas party took place on 17th December 2014 at the Phoenix Child welfare hall neighbouring the Phoenix Child welfare centre. At the event they were many fun activities and games, amongst these fun and games kids were given the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Clause.

Checkstar in addition to helping co-ordinate this event for the kids has also provided meals for each child present at the party (Chicken & Chips), scrumptious Cake made by the Checkstar bakery. Each child also received a Checkstar hamper which contained yummy treats and snacks as well as Marlin stationery.

The day was a roaring success and Checkstar would like to thank all the parties involved in making this a success, to mention a few; the co-ordinators and entire team of the Phoenix child and welfare association, Freedom stationery and any other volunteers that have helped out.


Checkstar Sponsors Christmas Party

Checkstar supermarket sponsors a Christmas Party held at Brailsford Primary School. (57 Brailsford Avenue) The event took place on the 1st of November 2014. Checkstar worked in collaboration with the social group Feedy Needy & Mohammed Haniff director of Feedy Needy in planning and coordinating this event. The Christmas party featured 1000 kids in total from four different schools.

Checkstar has helped with meals, hampers, christmas colouring books, balloons & badges for every single child present in an aim of creating an extraordinary Christmas spirit this festive season. Checkstar would like to thank Mohammed Haniff coordinator and director of Feedy Needy for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of this memorable day & we hope that this can be the first of many for Checkstar and Feedy Needy working together to bring bright smiles.


To celebrate Our launch Checkstar staff visited Mahatma Ghandi Hospital to spread some love and cheer, gave out hampers to the Durban and Coastal Mental Health organization and sponsored a jungle gym at Phoenix Happy Hours Day Care Centre. It is these little things; the giving of time, heart and energy that really set Checkstar apart. Checkstar … Cares enough



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