Feedy Needy Charity Fair
Women's Day Celebrations
Here are the winners of our beauty competition
Grand opening of Your Station of joy Only at Checkstar
Easter at Checkstar
Checkstar Durban
Congratulations to Lungi For winning the Poitjie Pot Competition, which took place on the 24 of December 2015.
Checkstar had a big party with Dj Selby and the customers where all happily entertained. (Checkstar Durban DJ)
Checkstar Mount Edgecombe
We had the opportunity to have Mia's as a partner to give away cool prizes to some hungry competitors. Well done to the winners.
1 year of the best winners
Congratulations to all our winners from our one Year of the best and Pradana for winning a Cruise Ship.
Valentine's day at Checkstar

To mark the month of love Checkstar has decided to take a different approach to make this day memorable. Instead of capitalizing on 14 February like most supermarkets and chain stores do...Checkstar has went the opposite route and provided great specials on Valentine's day merchandise for you and your loved one.

In addition to this Checkstar has given long stemmed fresh Roses to its loyal customers at no cost just to put a smile on their faces and make our customers feel the love this Valentine's day :)

Checkstar has also arranged Kopiko to provide a free Cafe Latte to every customer that has purchased any item from Your Bakery at Checkstar and lastly to get you ready for your Valentine's day dinner Checkstar has sourced lipfinity to provide our female consumers with an array of make-up and lipsticks at next to no cost just for Valentine's day :)

Dj Bridgette has also added to the ambience by announcing the great specials that were available just for Valentine's day in - store. Checkstar, Cares Enough :)

Checkstar Supermarket ends January on a Happy note with DJ Smiley :) adding a smile to customers faces
Seeing that January was the first month of 2015 Checkstar felt an urged to give back to its loyal customers, in order to do this Checkstar via DJ Smiley gave out a variety of gifts and played fun interactive games with customers. DJ Smiley asked customers how they felt about the store in terms of shopping experience and service and gave customers live taste testers of foods from the service departments at Checkstar (Food2go, Bakery, Market) because Checkstar only sources the best for you and family. Checkstar will also like to wish its customers whom are observing Karvadi fasting all the best over this festive time. Checkstar, cares enough :)
DJ Varshan playing live at Checkstar supermarket & Marlin kids Roadshow Activation
On Saturday the 24th of January 2015 Checkstar supermarket was delighted to have been graced with Lotus Fm DJ Varshan who played live from Checkstar from 2pm -5pm, amongst the many Checkstar hampers that DJ Varshan gave to customers the day also took the kiddies into consideration and featured a Marlin kids Roadshow and activation which consisted of the Marlin Kids brand ambassadors, Mikey & Mandy, there was many fun activities for the kiddies whilst their parents met DJ Varshan from Lotus Fm personally and enjoyed some of the great hits he played live from Checkstar.
Checkstar, Cares Enough :)
Checkstar presents DJ VARSHAN playing LIVE!!!
Checkstar - Meet ECR Dj's
Checkstar Grand Opening



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